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Through our strategic alliance with Tepco Solutions, we offer one-of-a-Kind Project Controls process & software training based on real-world experience. Book your training today.

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Lean Six Sigma

We believe business processes should be efficient, effective and waste-free. They should also be scalable and repeatable. Our Black Belts have the experience needed to zero-in on those key process inputs which influence key process outputs the most. We ensure the correct mechanisms are in place to 'lock in' long-term solutions.

Standards & Procedures

To be effective, standards, procedures and work instructions must clearly define Project Controls methodologies and 'rules of engagement'. This is crucial in the elimination of 'single-points-of-failure'. While every Project is unique, Project controls principles are constant, regardless of the industry in which they are used. Our proven techniques have been successfully deployed multiple times, across multiple industries, leaving our clients with a documented road-map to ensure consistency and success when it's needed most.


Whether it's for funding purposes, or a mid-project cost reforecast, M3 has a proven track record for delivering easy to understand, concise and accurate estimates. We believe the entire estimating process, from development of the estimating plan, building of the estimate itself and documenting the basis of estimate form the foundation of successful Project Controls execution.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Risk & uncertainty are a fact of life in managing projects. Whether it's during the definition phase or mid-project execution, we utilize proven assessment methodologies and techniques for the purpose of Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis.


Front-end planning & scope development are key elements to the successful implementation of any project. For M3, planning involves the process of scope validation & control, development of clear / concise work-packages, support in the development of project estimates & schedules and support to change management processes.


M3's Team of scheduling professionals offer an array of scheduling services. We have successfully helped Clients with P6 implementation, application administration, schedule development & control, quality reviews and forensic schedule analysis. We offer both on-premise and remote scheduling support, depending on our Clients' needs.

Cost Management

Whether it's working with Owners or Contractors, our Team of cost professionals have experience with all types of contract models, be it fixed price, reimbursable, reimbursable-fixed fee, T&M or unit price. We understand the value and importance of early identification of trends, cost opportunities and cost vulnerabilities and the impact these have on accurate cost analysis and forecasting.

Quantity Surveying

Many Projects struggle with accurate progress measurement. Depending on a Project's contracting model, inaccurate progress measurement can affect a Contractor's cash flow and put Owner's at risk. Whether it's defining reasonable and concise rules-of-credit, accurately benchmarking / normalizing your Project's scale person-hours and quantities, or regular progress attest, M3 has performed quantity surveying services for some of the most complex, large-scale Projects in Canada.

Change Management

Change on any Project is inevitable. Early identification of Project change is paramount and having a robust change management process ensuring constant alignment of scope, time & money is key.

Integrated Management Reporting

To facilitate effective decision-making, Project metrics need to be fit-for-purpose and as dynamic as the Projects they support. Whether it's internal or external reporting, we understand the KPI's that matter most and how to structure Project reporting to suit all stakeholders.

Risk Management

Early risk identification and mitigation is a fundamental to successful Project execution. At M3 we believe risk management is an ever-green process which starts at Project initiation and is maintained throughout Project execution. We also understand the synergies that exist between risk identification & mitigation, estimating & quantitative risk analysis processes as well as effective cost forecasting.

Software Solutions

Our Partner, Omega365, provides a proven project-support tool, Pims. Pims is tailored to efficiently drive projects of all sizes. The Pims modules are utilized by leading companies within a range of sectors across the world.

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Claims Management

As negative as it sounds, all Projects must be setup with claims avoidance in mind. Our consultants have a breadth of experience in business interruption insurance claim assessments, claims preparation analysis and have been called on as subject-matter-expert key witnesses in construction claims proceedings and inquiries.


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